The Flavourists

Disrupting established plant-based narratives

New-to-market plant-based challenger brand The Flavourists spotted a gap in the market, which was the need for a brand to help everyone enjoy the feel good factor of cooking and eating more plants. The team came to us looking for help in creating the next big thing in plant-based and turning the seed of their idea into a brand in full bloom, from name to visual language.

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  • London 04:22 AM
  • Singapore 11:22 AM
  • Shanghai 11:22 AM

The Tension

Two clear arguments were emerging to convince consumers to adopt a plant-based diet, with competitors either shouting about being the meatiest non-meat or waving the worthy vegan lifestyle flag. With the dominant narrative being ‘meat free’, the category was all about what you didn’t get, rather than what you did.

The Power

With a category always talking about less, we wanted to talk about more. Rather than being free-from, we wanted to be full-of. Full of flavor, full of freshness. Full of energy, full of excitement. Full of inspiration, full of individuality. We wanted to focus on the food, not the ingredient and create a feel good foodie brand where the fact it was plant-based was a reason to believe rather than a raison d’etre. The Flavourists’ design system celebrates the joy of cooking and eating, of flavor and food, where plant-based is only part of the magic.

Elmwood helped us establish a visual system that was both brand new and completely familiar. Now we have a design system that adapts and tailors to our needs, telling a seamless brand story along the way.Kyrsten Halley, Co-Founder The Flavourists