Celebrating renters

Fronted is building a better way for renters to move, starting with rental deposits. The company secures hefty fees, and renters can pay them back in manageable monthly installments. With this bold mission in place, Fronted required a brand worthy of a renting revolution.

  • New York 10:06 AM
  • London 03:06 PM
  • Singapore 10:06 PM
  • Shanghai 10:06 PM

The Tension

Renting is broken. At the moment, the average renter needs a large deposit upfront to secure their new home. For many, this is a huge amount of money and often a loan is needed to cover the payment upfront. Loans of this size are costly, complex and not easily accessible.

The Power

Recognising that affordable, accessible deposits are the key to increased social mobility, Fronted became a champion for the renters’ cause—ready to lead a renting revolution. This idea was expressed in the brand's logo, simultaneously signifying the unlocking of potential and flying the flag for renter fairness.