Re-igniting a pioneering spirit

PRS IN VIVO are a world leading global shopper and product experience research company rooted in behavioural science, helping FMCG companies to understand, predict and influence consumer choice and drive brand growth. We were tasked with creating a new value set, DNA and distinctive brand identity that was provocative, challenged the category norm without losing their decades of heritage, and re-ignited their pioneering spirit.

  • New York 11:22 PM
  • London 04:22 AM
  • Singapore 11:22 AM
  • Shanghai 11:22 AM

The Tension

Over the last decade, market research has been heavily impacted by digital technologies. While this has made gathering consumer insights faster and easier, it has also made the amount of data feel overwhelming to organisations often lacking the infrastructure and expertise to truly understand it. PRS IN VIVO combines decades of experience in behavioural science with the latest digital research techniques, helping companies see through the vast amount of data to understand authentic consumer behaviour. The market research leader required a fresh and modern identity to reinforce its pioneering roots in behavioural science.

The Power

PRS IN VIVO's new brand embodies these qualities. It dynamically forms a focusing lens that gives clarity to a circular cluster of dots, representing the company's ability to see through complexity and provide clear direction in a world of messy data. The vibrant colour palette and style guide encapsulate the diversity of people and the company's rich behavioural knowledge, whilst two new typefaces balance humanity and elegance with future-facing innovation and precision. PRS IN VIVO's new identity brings the world of brand to the world of insight, perfectly capturing their ability to bridge the tension between automation and human experience.

The beauty of working with Elmwood was that they quickly homed in on our pioneering roots as a springboard for challenging the cold and corporate look and feel of branding in our industry. They did what they do best: pushed us to be bold and go further. I think the results really speak for themselves.Matt Michaud, Chief Creative Officer at PRS IN VIVO