Redefining the workplace

Knotel had an ambition to redefine what “the workplace” means across the world. Its platform was designed to make real estate simple, flexible, and responsive; tailoring workspaces to the needs of established and growing companies. 

  • New York 08:02 AM
  • London 01:02 PM
  • Singapore 09:02 PM
  • Shanghai 09:02 PM

The Tension

The flexible workspace category is one dominated by Insta-worthy interiors and trendy identities. Knotel was eager to attract enterprises with more complex needs—solutions to big challenges like employee recruitment, retention and productivity.

The Power

The evolved brand was rooted in a newly coined point of difference, adaptive intelligence. It's the deep strategy, customization and optimization that goes into a Knotel workspace. The new narrative expressed their true value: enabling their customers to flex, scale and grow.

Elmwood helped us establish a visual system that was both brand new and completely familiar. Now we have a design system that adapts and tailors to our needs, telling a seamless brand story along the way.Edward Shenderovich, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Knotel