Comma Home

Turning a restful moment into a movement

How can a home goods startup with a pro-social mission define its identity in an already-crowded D2C market? And do it in two weeks? A design sprint.

  • New York 11:25 AM
  • London 04:25 PM
  • Singapore 11:25 PM
  • Shanghai 11:25 PM

The Tension

At a time when pro-social initiatives have become a successful business model, and direct-to-consumer bedding is an over-saturated category, consumers can feel confused and conflicted: what does doing good and living well look like?

The Power

We found inspiration from what was right in front of us: Comma’s name—a punctuated cue to take a moment, to relax and recharge. Elmwood NY leaned into Comma’s mission to donate 10% of its earnings to organizations that help the homeless, and crafted Comma’s guiding brand story, identity and digital activation around the concept of turning a restful moment into a movement.

Elmwood helped us think about our brand strategy, centering and focusing our minds on the right questions and issues we needed to address. They led us down a smart path with the utmost care and professionalism.Henry Chen, Founder and CEO of Comma Home