Crafting a global icon

With a presence in 180 markets, Amstel’s brand essence was being devalued by substantial clutter. Amstel needed a brand identity that empowered local markets to deliver local design execution, whilst ensuring the brand remained instantly recognisable.

  • New York 08:02 AM
  • London 01:02 PM
  • Singapore 09:02 PM
  • Shanghai 09:02 PM

The Tension

The existing identity was too restrictive for local needs and, as they sought new expressions for the brand, more inconsistencies arose. There was a need to reclaim Amstel's iconicity and reinvigorate stories from its rich history.

The Power

In partnership with the Amstel team, we created the 'I am Iconic' platform. This tool enabled local markets to create their own unique stories by picking and choosing assets from a crafted and curated Amstel design library.

Elmwood proved that they are not only good brand and packaging designers, but also have the capability to develop and co-manage a living, strategic brand-design system. That took next-level creativity, strategy, flexibility and perseverance.Mark van Iterson, Global Director of Design, Heineken