Elevating a brand to a lifestyle.

Tecate has historically been a leading beer brand in Northern Mexico. The Tecate team wanted to build on this regional success and extend the beer’s popularity to all of Mexico, including the younger and more cosmopolitan Mexico City.

  • New York 03:22 AM
  • London 08:22 AM
  • Singapore 03:22 PM

The Tension

Tecate wanted to change the overall perception of the brand to feel more relevant, progressive, and elevated without alienating its existing consumer base.

The Power

With these learnings in hand, Elmwood NY revisited Tecate’s assets to build distinctiveness and help the beer stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With a brand as beloved as Tecate, we knew that a boots-on-the-ground immersion across Mexico’s many regions would be necessary to inform a meaningful design.Meg Beckum, Executive Creative Director at Elmwood NY