The AA

Putting a British heritage icon back in the driving seat

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In June 1905, four driving enthusiasts banded together in London to form The AA. Almost 100 years later, the organisation they founded has become synonymous with motoring – a true piece of British heritage. But behind its dependable legacy, it has also been a great innovator, from pioneering roadside pumps, to piloting the first connected cars. The next 10 years will see more change in the driving world than we’ve seen in the last 50. A rapidly evolving age of innovation where new ownership models, tech models and a huge uptake in EV ownership are transforming the industry as we know it. Now more than ever, people need a champion and a guide, someone who has got their back no matter the road ahead. Our help was enlisted to develop a new-era brand identity for The AA, future-proofing its brand and expanding its focus beyond roadside assistance to include the entirety of the driving life cycle.

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As drivers worlds evolve, The AA needs to evolve. As part of our 'Always Ahead' brand re-positioning and 'It's OK, I'm with The AA' marketing campaign, we have worked with the talented team at Elmwood to evolve The AA's brand identity - visual, sonic, and tone of voice - to reflect the modern and relevant brand for drivers that we are, giving them unshakeable confidence now and for the future with products and services for whatever driving stage or situation they are in.Will Harrison, Group Brand Director at The AA