Celebrating the building blocks of healthy skin

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An expert-led skincare brand for over 70 years, E45 was looking to embark on a strategic revamp to deliver a new brand identity, packaging design, and brand world experience that brought its inclusive and personal identity to the forefront. We partnered with the team to deliver the architecture for meaningful, emotive, and flexible storytelling via a wide-ranging series of assets.

  • New York 02:11 AM
  • London 07:11 AM
  • Singapore 02:11 PM
  • Shanghai 02:11 PM
Elmwood's idea of the 'building blocks of skin' not only unlocked and unveiled E45's unique core asset, but also breathed life into a versatile design system that we can seamlessly integrate across our entire marketing spectrum. The adaptability and flexibility of skin cells enables us to weave meaningful narratives for our experts and consumers alike.Steve Binding, Global Head of Design and Creative at Karo Healthcare