Dove Galaxy

Reimagining the role of pleasure

Some of us know it as Dove. Some of us know it as Galaxy. But we all know it as the world’s silkiest, smoothest chocolate. How did we move a legacy brand towards a modern, iconic top-shelf powerhouse challenger? With pleasure.

  • New York 11:22 PM
  • London 04:22 AM
  • Singapore 11:22 AM
  • Shanghai 11:22 AM

The Tension:

Chocolate has long been marketed to female consumers as a “guilty pleasure.” So when Dove/Galaxy tasked us with raising the bar for its Core brand across markets and elevating its Premium gifting, we recognized an even richer opportunity: become a challenger brand that’s not sentimental or old school, but expressive, contemporary, and relevant in culture with a POV.

The Power:

The “power of pleasure” rebrand aims to unchain pleasure from guilt and empower consumers in their choices. By pairing an uplifting chocolate flow device, silk layer overlays and contrasting scripting, we imbued Dove/Galaxy’s silky smooth credentials with a new sense of pride. Designed to unify global markets, withstand endless product innovations and inspire opportunities to impact culture, the Dove/Galaxy rebrand is a reclamation— a reimagining of premium pleasure as premium power.