BIC Made For You

Disrupting the category you built

How do you create a high-quality razor system at an affordable price—and make it unisex? The answer: BIC Made For You. A new, no compromise brand that disrupts the heavily gendered razor category, delivering a damn good shave at a damn good price.


  • New York 08:02 AM
  • London 01:02 PM
  • Singapore 09:02 PM
  • Shanghai 09:02 PM

The Tension

When it comes to razors, consumers aren't looking for a lot of fuss. Category norms are becoming increasingly irrelevant. It doesn't matter if a razor is pink, blue, or black. A new generation of consumers simply want a razor that works, at a price they can afford.

The Power

We stripped back the stereotypes and marketing clichés, creating a simple, bold, no-bullshit brand. Consumers took notice—as did a key retailer. Soon after the launch, Made For You became an Amazon Exclusive.

Whoever you are, wherever you shave, Made for You is a razor made for everybody. I like that. It's a simple thing, but I like when a company recognizes that a lot of products are for any human.Amazon Reviewer