In Conversation with Design Director Mark Laws; Galaxy UK Limited Edition Packs

NewsOct 14, 2022
  • New York 06:16 AM
  • London 11:16 AM
  • Singapore 06:16 PM
  • Shanghai 06:16 PM

Introducing our latest series, In Conversation With. Join us as we chat to studio members and talk about our latest projects, offering a new perspective and allowing the key individuals behind the work to provide a focused lens.

In our first edition, we speak to London-based Design Director Mark Laws and the work he did on the recently launched Galaxy UK Limited Edition Packs.

What was the brief?

Galaxy chocolate now has a ‘purpose’ using their size as a power for good and making ‘chocolate better, one piece at a time.’ The brand wants to share greater awareness about the work they do behind the scenes that makes their farms, farmers, and welfare rights common knowledge. This was brought to life on a range of limited-edition flavours and designs.

How would you describe this work in three words?




What are you most proud of with this project?

It was a design sprint which took a month to design lock and then brought to life working with Illustrator Andy Smith on the typography, which was a joy!

What’s your favourite visual?

The visual wall of bars showing all of the stories and range of design illustrations.

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