In Conversation with Creative Director Jason Braddy; ABC

NewsNov 26, 2023
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  • Singapore 06:16 PM
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Introducing our series, in conversation with. Join us as we chat to studio members and talk about our latest projects, offering a new perspective and allowing the key individuals behind the work to provide a focused lens.

In our latest edition, we chat with Singapore Creative Director Jason Braddy and our latest work for ABC.

What was the client brief?

HEINEKEN Cambodia wanted to inspire existing consumers while attracting new audiences through a branding campaign that would bring together the original Extra Stout product and their new product innovation, ABC Reserve – a unique blend of beer and whisky.

What was unique about this project?

What set this project apart was the team’s opportunity to immerse themselves in Cambodian culture. The journey began with a workshop in the city of Phnom Penh, providing us with insights into the places where people enjoy ABC. This hands-on approach, being with the consumers where they are and experiencing their daily lives, proved to be eye-opening and led to a better understanding of the target audience.

One key factor that contributed to the project’s success was the client’s partnership throughout the proves. The collaboration meant we both owned the outcome, which created an elevated campaign and is evident in the work.

How did the team bring both products (ABC Extra Stout and ABC Reserve) together through the TVC?

We sought to achieve a seamless integration of 3 occasions, showcasing the brand in an elevated dinner occasion, a more sophisticated setting as well as a nightclub. This allowed us to demonstrate how ABC integrates into Cambodians’ lives, creating an authentic connection with our audience.

How would you describe the final work in three words?

Exceptional, Relevant and Aspirational

What are you most proud of about this project? Why?

The idea was found from a human truth. The younger generation of Cambodians sees success as shared success: when someone succeeds, they all do. Understanding how success is defined by this younger audience and putting this at the heart of the creative was truly rewarding.

What was the biggest challenge?

Living into the ambition.

In all projects, we have a place we want to get to – a vision/end goal, which often can be challenging for different reasons. With ABC, we were able to constantly remove barriers to deliver the ambition and stay true to the vision.

What was the biggest reward?

From research & insights to idea generation, from creative to production – the campaign is the true testimony of our teamwork and partnership with the HEINEKEN Cambodia team.

What was your favourite moment of the shoot?

One stands out in particular.

We converted an abandoned building to replicate a 2-story nightclub. It felt so real. With the ‘live’ DJ plus 100 extras dancing and losing themselves in the music – it became an actual party! You can really feel this in the final TVC.

Is there anything else you want to add?

The teamwork on Elmwood’s side was excellent. From account management, strategy, creative and production, each team member was 100% ‘all in’ to create a world-class brand campaign.


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