Desire: The New Currency of Care

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Today's diagnosis: A deficit of design

With the explosion of investment and innovation in healthcare, the industry’s playbook has been defined by three words: seamless, intuitive, and flexible. A perfect first step for a complex industry in the throes of change.

But as care becomes deeply digitized, decentralized, and disintermediated, we see diminishing returns: atrophied outcomes, waning engagement, and rising costs.


Tomorrow’s prescription: A new MO for healthcare marketers

The vast forces of change have exposed the beginnings of a new era, where an industry once driven by institutional autocracy gives way to an ecosystem powered by individual autonomy.

The brand possibilities are vast, but the strategic pathway is clear. In a new world where habitual engagement is the holy grail of growth, desire will be the single most powerful (and often only) underlying mechanism of behavioral change.

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