Summit Health

Clearing the way for connected care.

How do you connect with millions of future patients by capturing the life-changing potential of a merger? This was the question at hand when Summit Medical Group and CityMD approached Elmwood to develop a new brand for their new company—one that would precisely yet powerfully express a more complete and connected kind of care.

  • New York 03:22 AM
  • London 08:22 AM
  • Singapore 03:22 PM


In a bloated and fragmented industry, where simple and personal care is hard to find, more often means less. More confusion. More complexity. Less care. So following the merger of two large industry-leading healthcare systems, how do you show that more actually means more?


Elmwood NY dug deep to get to the heart of the answer, developing an end-to-end brand program that unleashed the power of connection to inspire a complete kind of care where more means more. More expertise. More compassion. More coordination. More care—connected for you.

The emergence of the Summit Health brand is about more than just a new name or logo. It brings unity and focus to our operations, while also delivering an enlightening, compassionate, and connected experience that is orchestrated around the patient. The fresh, modern identity evokes the feeling of connection on many meaningful levels.Matt Gove, Chief Marketing Officer, Summit Health