MSQ Launches New Magazine Edition Focusing on the Retail Sector

NewsNov 01, 2023
  • New York 11:12 AM
  • London 04:12 PM
  • Singapore 12:12 AM
  • Shanghai 12:12 AM

For the latest edition of Joined-up Thinking, the MSQ team focused in on one of the fastest evolving sectors out there: retail. Packed full of articles from experts from across MSQ and our clients, it inspects the evolution of branding, commerce strategies, and the future of retail and related industries.

Our Global Chief Provocation Officer, Greg Taylor, and London-based Executive Creative Director, Kyle Whybrow, wrote an article focusing on the need for brands to adopt Darwinian Branding to drive demand in retail and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

In the article, Kyle and Greg discuss:

  1. What is Brand Darwinism and why is it imperative in today’s ever-evolving retail landscape
  2. Building a brand that is iconically always new
  3. The importance of standing out on shelf
  4. Recognising brand as a continuous evolution
  5. The ability to remain authentic

Check out the full article here.