In Conversation with Design Director Tim Wood; Old Mout

NewsOct 02, 2023
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Introducing our series, in conversation with. Join us as we chat to studio members and talk about our latest projects, offering a new perspective and allowing the key individuals behind the work to provide a focused lens.

In our latest edition, we chat with Design Director Tim Wood and our latest work for Old Mout.

What was the client brief?

The brief began as a challenge to make Old Mout’s cider cans pop more at shelf, as they were looking at selling them outside the multipack box for the first time. The designs were so well received that it developed into a wider project to update the whole UK packaging range.

How did you look to ensure Old Mout stood out on shelf in a noisy category?

This was about crafting and optimising an already familiar brand, rather than reinventing the wheel. To drive more impact at shelf, we wanted to dial up the things that make Old Mout unique – their distinctive Kiwi asset, and their tasty fruit flavours – rather than binning everything and starting from scratch.

How does the updated design celebrate the Kiwi?

We made the Kiwi much more prominent on the cans, including it on both faces consistently instead of just one as in the previous design. We wanted to retain the charming personality the Kiwi has for each flavour, but moved this onto the multipack boxes where the canvas was larger.

What’s the story behind the flavour depiction?

Old Mout like to do things a bit differently, and we wanted to capture that Kiwi spirit, by turning things on their head (literally!) We dramatised the ingredients falling down towards the logo, with the inquisitive Kiwi looking up at them, creating an impactful hit of variant colour right at the top of the pack.

What was the biggest reward and challenge throughout the project?

The biggest challenge was optimising the can designs for SRP, getting the right balance of different elements whilst ensuring key info stands out above the cardboard tray. Luckily our design idea really leant into this with its upside down ingredients. I think the biggest reward is always being able to pick up the finished pack and hold the design we created in our hand.

Your favourite animation throughout the project?

I love the satisfying loop of the rolling cans and the spinning multipack. It really brings the work to life seeing it in 3D.

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