Elmwood New York Celebrates Women’s History Month

NewsMar 27, 2024
  • New York 09:24 AM
  • London 02:24 PM
  • Singapore 09:24 PM
  • Shanghai 09:24 PM

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the diverse female minds leading our New York creative team and the tensions that power their different perspectives. Without Women there would be no Elmwood NYC, and for that we’re loud and proud.

Krista Oraa, Creative Director

Adaptive / Structured 

“The ability to adapt is essential in this industry. Our clients’ priorities often change, briefs continue to evolve and market needs differ regionally. As creative leaders we are often asked to adapt without haste, all while making strategic decisions that uphold the design standards of our business. Being adaptive requires flexibility in ways of thinking and working in addition to demonstrating a sense of control while doing so.

And control is key, as having a clear structure from that pivot point ensures that adapting is not met with mayhem or confusion. Defining a structured approach that sets a plan in motion is critical. As structure provides a foundation for a new way forward, giving meaning and purpose to unexpected change.

From my professional to personal life, the tension of being adaptive yet structured is just a part of everyday life (you’ll especially relate if you have kids). Keeping your cool when the principal calls, a home renovation becomes a headache, or a family member has a crisis. You adjust to changing factors or situations and bring an open mind to how you can balance structure with adaptivity.”

Amelia Cheung, Associate Creative Director

Insightful / Inquisitive 

“I believe that to be truly insightful, we have to first be inquisitive. Be humble, and admit that we don’t know the answer to every scenario.

As a team we may be experts in our field, but the real magic comes when we defer to the subject matter, collaborate with the people that the work represents, and bring other experts along for the ride.

To me, this is vital if we’re to create work that is truly inclusive and reflects not just the inside of a virtual meeting room.

Sometimes the information that comes through is overwhelming; too many data points to comb through, endless opinions and stuff that’s just noise. But if you can ask better questions, uncover that nugget of truth — that becomes the golden thread that when woven into your storytelling feels honest, engaging, and from a real human experience we can all believe in.”

Meg Beckum, Executive Creative Director

Nurturing / Non-nonsense

“I think I’ve found some success in my career (and at home) by being equal parts nurturing and no-nonsense.

I genuinely enjoy connecting with others on a personal level. I’m not a small talker; I want to know the deep stuff—where you come from, what you love, what you hate, and where you want to go. The best part of my job is helping my teammates recognize and realize their creative strength and power.

My role also requires focus—being able to cut through the noise and distraction in our business, our industry and in the world. There’s a discipline in doing, putting pen to paper and getting the job done with rigor, thoughtfulness, and conviction. I think my clients and colleagues appreciate that my creativity comes from a place of honesty and insight. I don’t believe in selling a bunch of post-rationalized B.S. and baloney.”