Black History Is Now: In Conversation With Black Creatives

NewsFeb 01, 2023
  • New York 02:11 AM
  • London 07:11 AM
  • Singapore 02:11 PM
  • Shanghai 02:11 PM

Black history is being written every day through creatives who push boundaries and unapologetically share their stories. To celebrate Black History Month, we’re taking a look back at our favorite Creative Conversations interviews with some of the Black creatives that have inspired our team.

Elmwood Marketing Manager:

With the US celebrating Black History Month in February, how does the importance of highlighting Black culture influence your work?

Adryan Tunde Abii-Smith:

I design and illustrate so many Black figures throughout the year to disrupt the notion that we can only celebrate our Blackness in October and February. I get my inspiration from Blackness all around me.

Elmwood Designer:

Do you have any tips for starting a new medium you aren’t as practiced in?

Bex Glendining:

Try and have fun with it. You might not connect with it or like the outcome, but if you’re enjoying the process, then that is what’s important.

Elmwood Senior Designer:

Being based in NYC, how does the city inspire you?

Jaamal Benjamin: 

I love New York. With recent gentrification, there’s a juxtaposition which feels at times extremely heavy and tense. But despite all the changes and challenges, New Yorkers still find a way to keep it moving. There’s always something new and old to experience and explore. That constant pool of stimulation is definitely an inspiration for me.

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