Little Bird

Have you heard the word? A round-up of news from all around Elmwood.


Excellent news on the awards front. Our brand movie for Craft has won gold in the Graphis Design Annual 2017. Craft is a creative recruitment company who believe that no two candidates are the same. So we created a brand identity system where no two logos are the same. See for yourself...



After 11 great years at Ferrars Street, our Melbourne team have packed up and made their big move to Docker Street in Richmond. This diverse suburb has a great vibe, tons of culture, and plenty of craft beers to go at (the main reason for moving). They’re settling in nicely and would love you to come and say hello. Check out the moving movie by our designers here.


Our identity for Yorkshire-born acoustic guitar maker Tom Sands has picked up some lovely press coverage from the likes of Design Week, Prolific North and Logo Designer. Capturing the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that goes into every guitar Tom makes, whilst helping to establish stand out in a conservative industry.


To celebrate National Dog Day last week we entered The Drum’s #Dogerati competition, which asked “Is your office pooch the top dog in marketing?” We’re lucky to have three adorable contenders who keep us on our toes with their regular visits. Ted has become a crucial member of the team, and has even made his way into the Elmwood crest. Gizmo is an avid networker and a model in the making, having wowed us at her recent photo shoot – Blue Steel, nailed it. Monty likes to jump onto desks and try to eat paper, which has a lot of the designers swearing “the dog ate my artwork”.

Ted, Stress Reliever, Leeds.

Gizmo, Tail Wag Administrator, New York.

Monty, Chief Morale Officer, Melbourne.