Thanksgiving luck

To reflect on the past year, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, our team in New York has spread a little luck by sending out 1,000 green wishbones to their clients.

Each lucky recipient was given five chances to make their dreams come true, and was wished ‘all the luck in the world’. The wishbones were tucked in silk-screened bags with an individual hand-written note from the team.

As tradition has it, each person grabs an end of the v-shaped bone and gives it a yank. If you get the bigger piece, your wish will be granted. Don’t worry – no turkeys were harmed in the making of this mailer. All wishbones are made of plastic and can be recycled.
Samantha Barbagiovanni, Senior Designer says: “We were lucky enough to collaborate with some really great people this year, and we wanted to show our gratitude with something they could share and enjoy with their friends and family.”

Those who received the wishbones could share their ‘wish-making’ moments on social media with #ElmwoodWishes.