Mid-weight Designer

MELMelbourne studio

An opportunity for an upcoming and influential designer to join our Melbourne team awaits. But we want more than just a good book. We want to be engaged by the person, inspired by the ideas and impressed by the storytelling. If this sounds like you, and you can express why you feel creativity is more than just a job, then we want to meet you.

At Elmwood, we get excited by having a distinct point of view for all of our brands and we are looking for a creative talent who has their own point of view of the world around them. This should be demonstrated through big ideas, brought to life with exceptional skill.
We have a talented team of diverse creative thinkers that you will have the opportunity to learn from while working across an equally diverse range of client projects for leading local and global brands. We also value our relationships with challenger brands, so your interest in developing innovative solutions should be evident in your work. Ultimately, designers who can apply fresh thinking in retail, FMCG, corporate and beyond will be a key part of our future as we continue to design engaging brand experiences.

How to apply

Have a point of view about any area of design that interests you and share it with us in any way you want. It can be an image, social media post or a 30 second video. It doesn’t have to be a big production, just something on a smartphone will do. Remember to include your CV, folio, current job title, location and name and email to recruitment@elmwood.com

A beautifully polished book isn’t necessarily what we’re looking for – we love to hear a good story so please make sure we can see the journey in your work. This might include a combination of finished work and sketches/roughs/scamps. 

Not surprisingly, we get a huge number of applications, and while we do our best to reply to everyone it can sometimes take time. So our policy is simple: if your application is so jaw-droppingly brilliant that it makes our socks go up and down in excitement, then we’ll be in touch.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to a policy of treating all our employees and job applicants equally. In fact, we believe that recruiting and developing a diverse workforce is essential to our success. So, we welcome applications from people whatever their age, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, trans-gender status, sex or marital status.

Social Media

We post all of our vacancies on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so make sure you follow us to get up-to-date news of our opportunities. Like most companies these days, we may check out your social media footprint like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter as part of our recruitment process in order to learn a little more about you.