Tom Sands

On song for luthier craftsman

Capturing the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that goes into every guitar Tom makes, and establishing stand out in a conservative industry.

Mobius Awards – Certificate


Tom Sands is an apprentice luthier, building high quality acoustic guitars under the watchful eye of the ‘father of the modern steel string guitar’, Ervin Somogyi. Tom needed his own brand identity to help establish himself as an independent luthier, and to stand out in a conservative niche industry saturated with exceptional talent.


Tom applies fine woodworking skills and marquetry to produce beautiful instruments that ultimately sell for thousands of pounds. His target market is guitar aficionados – people for whom guitar playing is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. To them, owning a bespoke and highly-crafted instrument is highly important.

The monogram we created seeks to capture the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece, and also the elegance of Tom’s work. It provides a detail that can be inlaid into the headstock of each of Tom’s finished pieces to really build the brand into the guitar, unlike his competition.


Whilst Tom Sands is still only just establishing his brand, word is getting out and people are loving the logo. “Who knew a T and a S could make a guitar?”, “Clever”, “Reminds me of wine labels”, “The force is strong with this label” and “So cool” are just some of the comments received.

Thank you all for your hard work on my brand. I love the final monogram and am really proud to put it on all my guitars. It gives me the stand out and credibility needed to set me on course for achieving my ultimate goal of producing world-class instruments in a more sustainable way.

Tom Sands | Luthier