Uniquely J. Unexpected everyday.

Elevating the everyday of private labels to appeal to urban millennials in the online shopping environment.


Competition for dominance in the e-commerce retail space is heating up. As a relatively new e-commerce platform, and having been bought by Walmart, has a reputation to build. Together we set out to redefine private label brands for the urban millennial by creating online brand experiences – by making shopping more transparent, more efficient and at the same time, a little more fun.

The insight

Many private brands are built to deliver on the traditional retail value equation of acceptable quality at lower prices. But’s urban millennial target audience is looking for more – quality products at lower prices that consistently deliver moments of surprise and delight. They want elevated everyday experiences that start a conversation. Experiences they can share with their friends.

The Idea

As an online only platform, we had to think beyond the traditional retail shelf to deliver moments of wow across the entire consumer journey – not just through the packaging itself.

The name ‘Uniquely J’ establishes a clear connection to Jet and sets consumer expectation from day one. Designed to elevate the everyday, the range is fun, unexpected, memorable and warm, but not jarring or intrusive. Our designs embrace a sense of curiosity and imagination, relentlessly pursuing a moment of delight – but without losing the necessary familiarity and trust consumers expect.

The Impact

It’s early days as the new product range is being rolled out, but the initial buzz is good. Uniquely J is primed to set the new standard for the online product experience for the 21st century consumer.

Elmwood have been collaborative partners throughout the entire process from inception to development. They understand the merchant’s needs while continuing to focus all iteration and development around the brand identity. Through their strategic expertise and ability to push creative boundaries, we have brought a brand to market that we believe will innovate and disrupt the previously static private brand industry.

Laura Kind | Associate Director, Brand Management for Private Brands –