Boardman Bikes

We’re out there with you

Bringing the passion of the Boardman team to life to appeal to novice and expert bike riders alike.

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The Challenge

At the helm of the Boardman Bikes brand is Chris Boardman, MBE. He’s won Olympic gold medals, three stages of the Tour de France and broken the world hour record three times. Yet despite this people didn’t know about Chris’ close involvement and saw the brand as just another name.
Secondly, this market is fiercely competitive, with people buying product first. It’s also a category with some serious players. The likes of Cannondale, Bianchi and BMC own the market in both reputation and professionalism (with teams competing in the Tour).
Thirdly, it is sold in Halfords. Whilst this helps with distribution and price, Boardman Bikes needed to further enhance its ‘expert’ credentials. And finally, the brand didn’t stand for anything… apart from selling good value bikes.

The insight

As riders themselves, the whole Boardman team understands first hand a rider’s need for both the personal challenge and the camaraderie that comes in riding with like-minded people. They wanted to prove they’re out there too. Out there, supporting riders through every curve, every climb and every downhill dash; out there by their side.

This reassuring team presence also comes through in the new B symbol, which is inspired by the peloton – the main pack of riders in a cycle race, who ride close together to save energy and support each other.

Boardman’s team is constantly in the saddle: testing, re-imagining and applying their out-there thinking to make the ride the best it can be. We introduced the strapline ‘Out there with you’ as a constant reinforcement of this belief.

Alongside the B symbol, and following a legal requirement to retain C Boardman in the name, we created the Boardman wordmarque and concealed the C inside the B, to mirror how customers describe the brand – Boardman Bikes.

With every single element of the brand designed to bring ‘Out there with you’ to life – from the daylight-inspired colour palette and the hues that surround you when you’re out there, no matter what time of day you ride, to the tone of voice – this is now a brand with a clear sense of belief and purpose. A brand you can get behind, and will always be out there with you, whatever you’ve set out to achieve.


The Boardman identity launched in November 2015, and it’s too early to have sales results just yet. There has been a lot of positive feedback online and at the launch event, and all the early signs are encouraging.

Working with the team at Elmwood was pivotal in our brand’s history. They enabled us to dig deep and deconstruct our brand to understand our core values and direction. Their creativity helped us to redefine our brand identity giving us the launch pad needed to take the brand to the next level, and to inform our long term strategic direction.