Arla skyr

Sharper flavour from the land of contrasts

New to the UK, Arla skyr is carefully made following traditional Icelandic methods. We developed a new brand to drive revenue in the highly competitive and crowded UK yoghurt market.

£12.2m brand in 13 months

10% above target RSV for year 1

Design Effectiveness Awards – Gold

Fab Awards – Silver


This was Arla’s first mainstream branded product launch in the UK and they needed a pack that would cut through and tell the Arla skyr story in an engaging way. Creating noise in an already busy category dominated by innovation.


Not everything is as it seems with Iceland. Underneath the calm, peaceful exterior is a country bursting with idiosyncratic beauty; a land of vibrant colours and energy. And it’s no different for Arla skyr: under its pure, innocent surface lies a surprising world of refreshing textures and flavours, packed with delicious goodness and health benefits.

Iceland… under the calm, peaceful exterior is a country bursting with idiosyncratic beauty

Our friends at Wieden and Kennedy have produced a beautiful TV campaign to celebrate the unique nature of Arla skyr yoghurt and its role in the lives of the people of Iceland.

Arla skyr has surpassed all expectations. It has engaged consumers, cut through at the point of sale, and according to Nielsen, some 70% of Arla skyr sales are adding incremental value to the yogurt category.

In just 13 months, it has become a £12.2m brand, and production is struggling to keep up with demand. In fact, it’s forecast to be worth £21m in only 20 months.

The Elmwood team have once again proved themselves as outstanding designers by successfully delivering a creative solution that exceeds the brief. In a market filled with fierce competition we needed a packaging design that would pull the Arla skyr range out from the crowds. The design does just that. It oozes quality, individuality and pure freshness – exactly what we wanted.

Sam Dolan | Senior Brand Manager, Arla Foods Yogurts